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Best Outdoor Equipment Supplier

Specializing in innovative design OPTIONS FOR ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS. Recreation Plus strives to be the best supplier of EQUIPMENT FOR outdoor SPACES that caters to all-inclusive family fun.

Whether you are looking for commercial quality, “inclusive” playground equipment, resilient surfacing, street scape & site furnishings; various shelter systems, fitness & athletic equipment, or custom-made products unique to your project? Look no further than to Recreation Plus.

Our success is based on a commitment to being the best at what we do. We go all out in uniting children of all ages, from 2 to 102, in exercise and play no matter their physical or mental abilities.

We are known for our unparalleled customer service and our national reputation demonstrates we are the best supplier of outdoor recreation accessories in Colorado and Wyoming.


Outdoor Equipment

Recreation Plus takes as it helps beautify Colorado and make it fully play-friendly for families and children.


Playground Equipment

Determining the best way to purchase your new commercial playground equipment can be a daunting task. 


Site Furniture

(Benches, Trash Receptacals, Bike Racks, Tree Grates.) Creating a decorative flavor with the ability to complement…


Outdoor Fitness

We sell the highest quality and safest playground equipment & play systems across the industry.


Park Shelters

We work closely with landscape architects & architects to bring their designs to the field. Park Shelters bring the community together!


Outdoor Instruments

The instruments are designed to withstand weather issues and are built to be in tune at all times.

safety surfacing

Safety Surfacing

We sell the highest quality and safest playground equipment & play systems across the industry.

" Specializes in manufacturing metal shelters, gazebos, arbors, colonnades, kiosks, transit shelters, and athletic field structures, custom designs are also available. "


" An industry leader in manufacturing and distribution of the finest basketball, football, soccer, tennis, volleyball and baseball equipment on the market today. "


" The creator of safe, high quality playground equipment for public spaces. Their playground equipment is designed with children of all ages and abilities in mind. "


" A leading manufacturer of high-quality playground equipment (custom now available), playground surfacing (Kid Tiles), and park services equipment at affordable prices."


" Consist of natural engineered wood fiber over drainage designs . Woods with adequate longevity that compact and interlock provide the engineered wood fiber, forming an accessible and affordable safety surface. "


" Revolutionizing the playground industry with their cutting-edge rotational play events, net climbing structures and the World Famous Biggo Swing. "


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